The Top 3 Health Benefits of Quitting Today – E Cigarette Health

e cigarette health

The Top 3 Health Benefits of Quitting Today – E Cigarette Health

There are various dangers of the cigarette. Smoking while smoking an e cigarette is simply as bad for you as smoking. There are several diseases that can come from by using this product. If you are a smoker, it really is imperative that you take the time to read about the dangers of e cigarette smoking.

Lung Cancer – That is one disease that no one should be smoking around. A lot of people don’t realize how dangerous smoking is for the lungs. Lung cancer is the leading reason behind death from cancer in the usa. It is also the reason for death from lung cancer in carbon monoxide smoke. Second hand smoke originates from people who are smoking on the road or in bars. All cigarette butts are created with nicotine and some other toxic chemicals that cause damage to your lungs and as time passes they can lead to cancer.

E-cigarette smokers will contract cancer from their smoking than non-smokers. Both main chemicals within e cigarettes, are carbon monoxide and tar. Tar may be the most toxic since it contains higher amounts of alkali and will be dangerous if inhaled for an extended period of time. Carbon monoxide could be smelled and will cause suffocation and even death in extremely rare cases.

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE – This is another disease that no one should be smoking around. Cigarettes contain much more tar and carbon than many pharmaceutical medications. Also, once you take in e cigarette health risks, your blood pressure can rise dangerously. Blood clots can develop and become a problem if they block the arteries leading to your heart. This can lead to heart attack, stroke or possibly even death.

Lung Development – Among the things that you will notice when you read about e cigarette health threats is that smoking affects your lungs. The longer you smoke, the more damage you will be doing to your lungs. Over time, you will notice your lung tissue becomes weaker and less dense.

Stroke – Once you smoke, the tar and nicotine can enter your bloodstream and happen to be the human brain. The more you smoke, the more chance which you have of suffering a stroke. Not only does it affect your brain, but it can also affect your body’s circulation. This may lead to decreased blood flow to your extremities, like the hands and feet. You’ll want to limit your amount of cigarettes if you are an avid e smoke enthusiast.

Diabetes – In case you have diabetes, the tar in the cigarettes will surely affect your circulation. Your body is not able to properly absorb the sugar in the tobacco. Because of this, you end up having an increased risk of getting diabetes. Also, due to the increased sugar levels in the blood, you wind up with increased insulin levels. This may also make it difficult to control your diabetes.

These are are just some of the serious ailments that you could suffer due to cigarette smoking. By quitting, you can dramatically reduce the number of ailments that you face. There is no reason for you to continue pushing toward an early death when there are ways that you can protect yourself and save a lot of money. Not forgetting, the number of premature deaths due to smoking is astounding. So, give up smoking today!

Heart Disease – Cigarettes contain a large amount of nicotine, and that nicotine is highly addictive. When you light a cigarette, your heartrate goes up and you begin to feel nervous. As time passes, the nicotine will start to result in a narrowing of the arteries which can lead to a heart attack.

Cancer – The chemicals which are found in tobacco often cause cancer. But, they are even more dangerous than cancer if you are an e cigarette smoker. There are a number of different things that may cause cancer. But, smoking generally causes these chemicals to be absorbed into your system. This means that they may be stored in one’s body and slowly begin to cause you disease as time passes.

This is why it is very important to give up smoking now. There are a variety of great products that can help you do so. Additionally, there are several different options that are offered for you to try so that you can help you quit. No one should have to call home with the terrible health effects of smoking cigarettes. So, get started today.

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